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How to use image Resize?

Uploading an Image:
You can upload image by clicking on upload button or drag and drop image here from your computer.

How to Crop Image:
Click on crop tool, drag on image to select crop area. then click crop.

you can reset the image using reset button.
Select crop ratio if you want image cropping in a fixed aspect ratio.

Cropping is cutting off a portion of your image to improve framing, put emphasis on your subject, or change the aspect ratio. This kind of photo manipulation allows you to keep all the elements you want and eliminate the ones you don’t. Cropping can also help you to reframe your subject or draw the viewer into a certain area for greater impact. In order to fully understand cropping, you’ll need to know two important terms: aspect ratio and pixels.

You can change the cropping aspect ratio by selecting ratio.

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the sides of your image in different dimensions, or the width and height a photo needs to fit a certain space. For example, a rectangular or landscape oriented photo’s aspect ratio would equal the ratio of the longer side of the image to the shorter side. In other words, it would look like the ratio of width to height, represented as x:y.

Resize Image:
Click on resize image tool and set the height and width as per your requirement and click on resize. Different coustom sizes are provided for resizing your image.
You can maintain aspect raio using Lock button. Resizing is altering the size of your image without cutting anything out. To resize an image is to essentially change the file size. Because sometimes, size does matter.
Resizing can help your photo fit into a certain space on a screen, such as in a blog post or social media post. Smaller images weigh less than larger ones, which can be important for making an uploading process faster or taking up less storage room on your devices.

Rotate and Flip Image:
Click on Rotate and Flip tool and rotate and flip the image. Image is rotated 90° clockwire or anticlock wise.

Adjust Image Brightness Contrast:
To adjust brightness contrast click on Brightness/Contrast tool, adjust it and then click apply to apply it.
Sets the change in brightness value of the image in the range of 0 to 100. Increasing the value will make all colors in the image lighter, reducing the value will make all colors in the image darker. If the value is 50, the brightness of the image will not be changed.

Sets the change in contrast value of the image in the range of 0 to 100. Increasing the value will make all colors in the image more intense, reducing the value will make all colors in the image more faint. If the value is 50, the contrast of the image will not be changed.

Download Image:
To download image click on download button. you can select file size in kb for jpg download.
How can I reduce image file size?

This simple app gives you three options for download, In JPG format download you can select the required file size in kb.

It performs different compressing on the image: compression reduces file size without having to resize the image, but image quality will suffer as you increase compression and start losing more image data.

The other solution is to resize your photo, decreasing the number of pixels it takes to store the image, which reduces it's file size proportionally. Reducing image size doesn't reduce image quality, although it may lose some very small details if they become too small.

Photos taken using mobile phones and cameras usually have over 6 million pixels and size is more than 10MB, while most cellphones, tablets, notebook or TV screens have only about 1.5 million pixels, which means you end up seeing a resized version of the image (you only use the full image if you print it). So if you resize your image, decreasing its width and height to a half, your image would have about the same number of pixels than the screens that will display it, so you wouldn't be losing any quality or detail at all, even looking at your image in full screen mode.

You can reduce its file size by resizing it until it's about 1900 by 1100 pixels, and getting a JPG image with just a little compression (about 95% quality). Doing so, you will get a versatile image with great quality, that you can send to anyone without taking too much time, or spending too much bandwidth on your mobile data plan.